INTRODUCE YOUR BRAND: All it takes a right-click!

Anushree Kalla / 24-Jul-2020

We are living in a global Pandemic. It came to a bolt out of a blue, and now it has become a new normal. From personal networks to professional matrix. From local businesses to well- established trades. This crisis has shown a tremendous halt at every production, and as a result, our economy is in great loss.
Amidst this, one question keeps on popping in the head, "Is this the right time to build a brand?"
With the upsurge in the recession, majority of the local business including vendors, daily wage earners, and well-settled businesses like cafe shops, garment and clothing industry, etc with new entrepreneurs in the town are looking for a precise solution.

"The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act as a new."

And this axiom of Abraham Lincoln goes right amid Corona crisis. Every day is a new opportunity to build a brand and promote it to every extent. One cannot blame the situation and take a step back and wait for a storm to end. A true entrepreneur looks out for a fortuity every minute. As we are under strict rules and regulations, and with the limited resources in our favour, 'Social Media' is the supremacy we need. The Corona Pandemic is acting as a space goat and 'Digital Promotion' is a present priority to boost a brand and maintain the position in global as well as in the local market place.


There is no doubt in the fact that we are in a new era with the new norms. Every second we are moving digitally with new advancements on the screens. From a millennial businessman to a veteran entrepreneur, all have understood that promoting your brand on social media is an ongoing need. Even before the crisis, social media was a win-win situation for all brands and businesses. Trading companies, software companies, clothing industry, food and beverages industries, etc use this important tool to upgrade their business further. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, they are not just the names but are the important assets in building your brand further. Amid crisis, when people are stuck on the question about the right time to build up a brand. Social media marketing is giving its answers in every form. These apps act as a catalyst in reaching more insights and build a suitable brand that is more accessible to audiences. There are many uploads on YouTube and millions of business promotions on Instagram and Facebook to share your brand at a global level. This time can be utilised at its best to showcase your business and convert it into a big brand.

Back in the year 2014, when Bollywood movie 'Bang-Bang' came up with an online fun challenge. The movie was not a blockbuster, but it did grab a lot of attention with its online challenge.
"Better the strategy. Best the lead in the business."
In a similar manner, ideas and strategies go hand-in-hand. One can use this strategy to invigorate its business. They can use this promotional method to augment their trades. It will help them out in building a fan-based community online. It will mobilise them forward with a good survival rate in this hashtag market. For example, many coffee shops can promote their coffee brand with a fun coffee making challenge. Who ain't aware of the 'Dalgona' coffee in making? This lockdown, numerous of Instagram stories were occupied with one common hashtag '#DalgonaInMaking.' It not only boosted the coffee business but also helped them in forming networks. It can be utilised as a new wave of opportunity that comes up with least disappointments. In a similar way, many more food challenges and innovative dishes on the platter can update this strategy for building a friendly-based audience. It is the best time to be aware of all the pros and cons and guide your business frontwards.

With the conviction of taking a lead in your business, a round table summit is what we need. Working from home is filling the voids and video conferences or summits are leveraging the brand further. Despite setbacks and trails, this is a wake-up call in disguise.
"Connectivity is the best way to create more opportunities for your business."
These virtual meetings are filling up the voids and aiding in gripping your business digitally. Many people are utilising this time by organising round-table conferences and are discussing the solutions and new ideas for the future.

"Leadership isn't about age but rather, leadership is about influence, impact and inspiration."
Taking out your media-induced hunger in a positive manner, any influential personality can add up in this game and make it a legit winning game in the favour of a local business. People tend to look out for influential people to promote their brand and make it reach millions of audiences. It takes a long time to hear the important message but if said by an influential person, the game is in your hands. Remember you can only gain power when you are in a position of influence. It can aid in boosting one's brand online on a wider level.

"Giving is the ultimate form of receiving."
Consider takeaways and goodies as a blessing in disguise. Engage in giving rewards to your followers and audience. They are your biggest asset as they are helping you out in bringing the best for your business. Many cafe shops are indulging in this strategy and are running ahead in their business.

There is always a chance to say "NO." But what if it did work out?
One cannot wait for the storm to pass. With the sparse resources, one has to build a brand.
"The Entrepreneur always searches for change responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity."
Yes, this is the right time to build a brand!